Elkus Manfredi

Founded in Boston in 1988 by Howard F. Elkus and David Manfredi after they left TAC, this full-service design firm has grown to become the largest in Boston. A team of more than 300 people delivers projects in architecture, master planning, urban design, interior architecture, historic preservation, space planning, and programming from offices in the Innovation and Design Building in the Seaport.

The scope of this partnership’s work across the Boston metro area has been broad and continues to grow, as can be seen in the select projects included here. Some are local landmarks - the New Balance HQ springs to mind - though none have broken through to win the BSA’s Harleston Parker medal. The firm has made admirable contributions in restoring iconic historical buildings, particularly several downtown theaters which have been recognized with Preservation Achievement awards.

Unlike some architects who have left big marks across the city with a signature style – Richardson, Sert, or Pei, for example – Elkus Manfredi’s work is not so easily categorized. Each project tends to be unique, likely reflecting both a responsiveness to client needs and the realities of a large firm with over 70 licensed architects performing a great volume of work.

The firm’s long-term legacy will become clearer over the coming decades, as the results of its planning efforts in major development districts including the Seaport, Boston Landing (Allston), Assembly Row (Somerville), and MIT’s Kendall Square initiative take form and mature. By 2030, we should know much more about Elkus Manfredi’s standing in the pantheon of architects that have shaped Boston.