On the Boards & Under Construction

At a pace not seen for decades if ever, Boston is undergoing another transformation. Driven this time by the city's strong growth and leadership in the "innovation economy," new office, commercial, and residential buildings providing tens of millions of square feet of space are planned and underway. By 2025, the skyline will be be significantly fuller and a number of new neighborhoods and commercial districts will be fully formed.

It is well understood that improved transportation and more affordable housing are essential for the city to grow into all this new building, and attention is focused on those issues. What is less clear is what the architecture of the city should look like as it morphs. Boston has been fortunate to have been shaped in earlier building booms by the likes of Bulfinch, Parris, and Benjamin on Beacon Hill, then Richardson, Peabody, McKim, and Van Brunt in Back Bay, then Pei, Sert, Stubbins, and Kallmann in the era of urban renewal. Who will join those illustrious ranks in this generation? What will be our distinctive legacy?

This guide provides a sampling of the work underway across the city. Many of these projects represent opportunities for interesting architecture, which may or may not be realized.

Image: Fan Pier plan, Fallon Company