Faneuil Hall District

Note: a separate walking tour of the Freedom Trail includes selected sites in this area.

Boston’s modern Government Center and North End flank what was in the colonial era Mill Pond. At high tide, water swept through Mill Creek to the Charles River. By damming the mouth of the tidal inlet, a pond was captured. Mills along contemporary Causeway Street were powered by rising and falling tides, grinding wheat and corn into flour and meal.

Bridges at Hanover and North Streets crossed Mill Creek (today Blackstone Street), connecting the primary colonial areas. Between the two bridges was Creek Square, a seventeenth-century center of commerce and still at the center of some of Boston’s oldest landmarks. The Boston Stone, Ebenezer Hancock house, and Faneuil Hall are a stone’s throw from the Government Center of the 1960s that replaced the Dickensian lanes of the nineteenth-century Scollay Square.

Image: ©Steve Rosenthal, 1977. All rights reserved.