Machado Silvetti

Rodolfo Machado and Jorge Silvetti have established a sterling reputation in national and international architecture circles, though their footprint in Boston is relatively modest.

Natives of Argentina who found their way to the faculty at Harvard GSD, both are also dedicated teachers and theorists, and their built work reflects that thoughtfulness in its clarity of conception and detail. They are credited for their role in helping to chart a path to a new modernism, accepting the self-consciousness of postmodernism while incorporating the modern movement into architecture’s long arc of history and tradition.

Since founding their firm in 1974 they have received numerous honors, including 3 awards from the AIA, 9 Progressive Architecture awards and citations, and 7 BSA awards. In 1991, the firm was given the first ever Award in Architecture by the American Academy of Arts and Letters. In a distinguished portfolio spanning the country, the firm’s signature work is the Getty Villa in Los Angeles, executed between 1996 and 2007.

Machado Silvetti has a executed a handful of projects across Boston. Their Honan-Allston Branch of the Boston Public Library won the Harleston Parker Medal in 2003. See to learn more.

Sources: “Built in Boston,” Shand-Tucci, 1999.