Area B2 Police Station

Area B2 Police Station

Leers Weinzapfel Associates, 2012

BSA Citation for Design Excellence, 2012

Preservation Achievement Award, 2012

LEED Gold Certified

Facing the center of Dudley Square, the glazed glass public lobby and double height community room create a clear invitation to public entry and impart a sense of welcome and arrival to the station. At night, the luminous entry corner acts as a beacon to the community. The anchor for future development in the area, the Dudley Square Police Station is centrally sited, across from the Dudley Square transit station, Library, and Courthouse.

Beginning at the entry corner, the building is organized in increasing levels of security. On the first floor, the spaces move from public to private: public lobby, police operations, booking and the cell block. The community room and other community related offices are directly accessible on the second floor from the corner entry. The third floor is devoted to locker rooms and a physical fitness space.

Sustainable strategies are fundamental to the design concept. The compact floor plan and central core maximize natural air flow, daylight, and views. Additional strategies include a green roof and storm water retention tanks, high performance exterior envelope and glazing, and an underslab ventilation system. The new Dudley Square Police Station is the first LEED Gold building built by the City of Boston.

From the BSA jury comments:

"Recognizing that police buildings require very different programs and special differentiation, we found this project to be smart, sensitive, and highly competent. As a jury, we found it interesting that the most civic building was the most private, considering its showers and other personal spaces. We found the clerestory window to be skillfully and creatively executed, and the architects succeeded in creating an approachable structure from the exterior, while still maintaining police requirements. Overall we found the interior program weaker than the exterior, but recognize that there are limitations inherent with designing a police station."

Source: Leers Weinzapfel Associates