Four51 Marlborough

Hacin + Associates, 2016

Preservation Achievement Award, 2017

2017 Preservation Achievement Award, Boston Preservation Alliance

This contemporary residential building is artfully woven into the fabric of Victorian Back Bay through its materials, massing, and detailing, “embracing its architectural context… without attempting to mimic the historic architecture” (Boston Preservation Alliance).

Patterned brickwork, precast limestone, and black steel windows clad a street façade punctuated by individual townhouse entries, window bays, and a graciously scaled main entry framed in cast stone and granite. Stepping up from the three-floor residential scale of adjacent townhouses to the east, a five-floor tower approaches the height of the Charlesgate building at the western end of the facade.

The interior is thoroughly contemporary, but the designers added occasional panels of Delftware tile, a characteristic flourish of Back Bay townhouses, as another subtle reference to this unique historic neighborhood.

Source: Hacin + AssociatesImages: ©Trent Bell, 2016