Adams Academy / Quincy History Museum

Quincy History Museum

Ware and Van Brunt, 1872

National Historic Landmark

Adams Academy is an early and important example of high Victorian Gothic architecture. Ware and Van Brunt designed this building at about the same time as they did Memorial Hall at Harvard, and the projects share steep polychrome roofs, decoration, and detailing. This being Quincy, granite is used here rather than brick. Henry Van Brunt was a follower of the French architect Violet-le Duc, and implemented some of his structural ideas in the hammer beam ceilings that are revealed on the exterior walls.

Originally edowed by John Adams as a preparatory school for boys, the Academy was built on the site where the legendary patriot John Hancock was born. Today it is home to the Quincy Historical Society whose museum showcases the city’s history from Native American times up through the early 21st century. See

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