Roger E. Wellington Elementary School

Jonathan Levi Architects with Stantec Architecture, 2011

BSA Honor Award for Design Excellence, 2013

Harleston Parker Medal, 2013

LEED Silver qualified

Lovingly planned and executed at every level, the Wellington is an excellent lesson in how to build both schools and communities.

575 students are accommodated in two wings flanking a central spine lined with a shared gymnasium, cafetorium and offices, its Z shaped configuration scaling it to the surrounding residential context. The further articulation of classrooms, windows and building materials gives the entire building a fine grained and highly animated quality that balances a traditional sense of craftsmanship with an innovative sculptural spirit.

The undulation of each facade’s fenestration responds to interior functions, but also to its solar exposure. South-facing windows are shaded by sunscreens, north-facing window details are flush, and east and west side louvers are fully integrated into the wood and modular brick panels. The walls come to life, resolving the complex demands of a contemporary energy efficient school.

Environmental factors work their way into the interior as well. Natural light is reflected back into each classroom by deep window surrounds, while public spaces are illuminated by light from above. Acoustic panels, light baffles, and casework are cleverly integrated into the overall texture of interior spaces. The result is a warm and embracing series of spaces that engage the senses and the intellect.

Source: HPM Jury commentsImage: Jonathan Levi Architects