Boston Manufacturers Mutual and Mutual Boiler Machinery Co. Office Building

Anderson Beckwith & Haible

Harleston Parker Medal, 1957

Dean Lawrence Anderson and Professor Herbert Beckwith of MIT's School of Architecture were instrumental in the development of the modern MIT campus, where their firm designed 11 buildings and supported Eero Saarinen in the construction of Kresge and the MIT Chapel.

As corporate development moved from Boston and Cambridge to the Route 128 beltway, Anderson and Beckwith were a natural choice to design new office buildings. Cities were in decline, and the automobile offered opportunities to live and work in more expansive environments. The building’s broad walls of glass bring in light, and look out onto a series of gardens and roof terraces. Although significant at the time, it now looks like suburban office parks all over the country – a testament, perhaps, to its influence.

The original structure surrounds the sunken courtyard. The building to the south is a later addition.

Image: Hobbs Brook Management