Dearborn STEM Academy

Dearborn STEM Middle / High School

Jonathan Levi Architects, 2019

Harleston Parker Medal, 2020

A major initiative by the City of Boston towards an improved future for the residents of Roxbury, this new neighborhood school is among the first purpose-built STEM schools in the nation.

It represents a new kind of educational building – a school without corridors, to foster inter-relatedness and transparency. The design includes dedicated and flexible spaces for small scale learning, collaboration, hybrid learning, project based explorations, and community engagement. Three educational ‘cohorts’ are organized around a satellite collaboration space, glass-walled science labs and an office suite with dean’s office, staff preparation and reception area, with each cohort occupying a different level of the building.

The Parker medal jury commented: "The Dearborn Academy is a celebration of learning and opportunity. Placed in a quintessential Boston neighborhood, it sets up an urbanistic dialogue of diverse angles and setbacks familiar to its neighbors and inviting of approach. Inside, the school is a window to the world, bringing natural light in and awarding outward views that ultimately invite the city back into its core. In an audacious architectural move that transforms a void into a beautiful magnet, the school’s heart is a place of community, engagement and exchange. Dearborn is a forward-looking gift to its students and a delightful addition to the city fabric."

Sources: Jonathan Levi Architects, BSA

36 Winthrop Street, Roxbury, Massachusetts 02119, United States