East Boston Scavenger Hunt: Preservation Month 2021

20 Stops

Welcome to the Boston Preservation Alliance Young Advisors' Preservation Month Scavenger Hunt, and welcome to East Boston, formerly known as Noodle Island! This neighborhood is full of historic sites and vibrant stories; get ready to learn all about them. Just charge your phone, lace up your walking shoes, and let us guide you through this historic area of Boston!

Along the way, look out for answers to the following questions and follow the instructions to fill out the blanks below.

  1. What area occupies the highest ground in East Boston? Take the first letter and place it in space one.
  2. What was the former name of East Boston? Take the second letter of the first word and place it in space two.
  3. Samuel H. Pook designed his first ship at the age of 23. What was its name? Take the second letter and place it in space three.
  4. What site operates as a floating museum? Take the first letter of the second word and place it in space four.
  5. What was the Immigrant Home renamed to? Take the fourth letter and place it in space five.
  6. Who was the architect of the Church of Most Holy Redeemer? Take the second letter of the last name and place it in space six.
  7. The murals at the Greenway speak to the impact of climate change and sea-levels _____. Take the first letter of the first word and place it in space seven.

____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

The resulting word will spell out a clue that will guide you to a container filled with one-of-a-kind, YA-designed prizes hidden almost in plain sight! There are enough for everyone, but hurry - the container will disappear at the end of Preservation Month (May)! After you choose your well-earned prize, please leave the container as you found it so that other people can join in on the fun. Also, the first person/group to complete the tour will win an extra-special prize: free tickets to the YAs' annual event, Libations for Preservation (up to three tickets total; must be 21+ to win the prize)! All you have to do to earn the tickets is be the first to send us a selfie with the prize box through our Instagram handle, @preservationhub.

Good luck and enjoy!

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